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Welcome to the International Back Pain Center of Dr. Reinhard Schneiderhan

Treatments. Introduction

Our state-of-the-art clinic in Munich specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic back and intervertebral disc pain. We've developed our innovative approach to back pain by staying on top of the most up-to-date research from around the world. This allows our interdisciplinary team of orthopedic, neurosurgery and pain medicine experts to work together in finding the right solutions to your individual needs.

Today's treatment strategies are gentler yet more effective than ever before. We specialize in the full spectrum of modern procedures, from the Racz catheter, microlasers and electrothermal therapy, to endoscopic disc surgery, minimal-invasive spinal surgery, and a wide range of other gentle minimally-invasive techniques.

Years of experience with more conservative treatments such as physical therapy, injection therapy and massage round out our approach to back pain. And our commitment doesn't simply end after treatment - our interdisciplinary team continues working to optimize your physical therapy and rehabilitation.


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